Erasmus+ or MORE overseas incoming students

Dear students, you are very welcome to join us for your Erasmus+ period. Please note that your studies are planned at the Department of Engineering Science and Methods (DISMI), located in the Reggio Emilia Campus. For more details refer to:



You can choose freely the courses that you intend to follow from the bachelor and master degrees in Management Engineering and Mechatronical Engineering. For details, refer to the links below:

Bachelor Degree Course in Management Engineering

Bachelor Degree Course in Mechatronic Engineering

Master Degree Course in Management Engineering

Master Degree Course in Mechatronic Engineering

Please note that for motivated Erasmus+ students the Department of Sciences and Methods for Engineering (DISMI) offers an additional scholarship.

The scholarship is intended for students who will be joining our departments with an Erasmus+ scholarship, and will cover up to 6 months accommodation costs.

To be eligible, students should be preparing for their final Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis at our Department, and should send us a short research statement (max 3 pages) and their CV.

Poster Scholarship

In case you need more information on  programs/activities/exams in those courses, please feel free to contact us at,,