Seminario: Uses & Challenges of AI/OR models in the Steel Industry

Venerdì 6 aprile alle ore 11, presso l’aula 0.5 del Pad. Buccola, gli ing. Silvino Fernández Alzueta e Valledor Pellicer Pablo, ricercatori presso ArcelorMittal Global R&D, terranno un seminario dal titolo “Uses & Challenges of AI/OR models in the Steel Industry”.

Questi i contenuti del seminario:

"Our final objective is to motivate students to study Artificial Intelligence/Operations Research due to its use in real life (and hence, its importance in their future professional career). The talk is made up of three sections:
- Introduction to ArcelorMittal and our R&D activity in this context
- Problems/Challenges that we find when applying AI/OR techniques in the industry
- Some real cases."

E' gradita la partecipazione di tutti gli interessati.