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The Department of Sciences and Methods for Engineering (DISMI), founded in January 1999, is involved in methodological and applied researches, and education in various areas of engineering and basic sciences related to. DISMI assemble professors and researchers with a wide international range of experiences and knowledges, active in the main sectors of engineering and basic sciences applied to.

These transversal expertises and a strong interdisciplinar approach are essentials to be successful in the most modern and complex technological challenges. DISMI is able to provide dynamic and qualified solutions to any engineering need, both in its purely theoretical aspects, and in its designing, prototyping and testing. DISMI is deeply integrated in research contest both in local level and in big Nationals and Europeans projects.

DISMI's activities mainly cover the following areas:

  • Management Engineering
  • Energetic Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Basic Sciences applied to Engineering

These disciplines are being developed both individually and in projects with a strong interdisciplinary's content. This make DISMI able to provide the entire scale of needed abilities to develop innovation projects about applications and services of any kind and complexity 's degree.